Multi-currency account made for business
Pay or get payed anywhere in the world and enjoy having the best exchange rates you can get.
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Cash Management
Manage your finances with one simple platform designed to make things easy for you and for your business.

Visualize and control every business bank account you own from a Global Treasury dashboard tool designed to optimize your investments throughout the world.
Digital Escrow
For only 1% commission, we act as a 3rd party and hold any payments until a transaction is guaranteed in order to protect both buyer and seller during a purchase.
Banpay Vault
Want a secure investment to put your savings in? Earn 4% passive income through investments made in property rental. A low-risk tokenized investment placed in solid currencies so you can rest assured that your money is safe and always within reach.
Never Out of System

Our Business Continuity plan ensures that our platform is up and running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Server Redundancy

An important measure to avoid system crashes caused by unexpected events like hacks or natural disasters.

Always In Control

We apply security protocols into our system daily to detect and prevent breaches or threats.

Customer Service

More than 12,000 companies continue to trust our business because of the attention that we bring to their necessities.


It is our priority to establish trustworthy relationships with governments in order to perpetually ensure the safety of our clients’ funds.

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